Location Based Advertisement

Location-based advertising is a new form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. The technology is used to pinpoint consumers location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices.
It allows marketers to reach specific target audiences.
Terms and conditions :
  • Service request and report campaign :
    • Vodafone Tuesdays before 12 noon at most to be launched the following week beginning Sunday
    • Orange and Telecom three days before the date of delivery
  • Number of characters of text messages :
    • Vodafone 160 characters for English and 70Arabic character
    • Orange 160 characters for English and 70 characters forArabic
    • Etisalat 160 characters for English and 70 charactersfor Arabic
    The first bunch continues effective for one day and second package for three days and the third package for one week